Welcome to Haus Godwin German Shepherds

Greetings from Haus Godwin German Shepherds, located in the beautiful city of Dothan, Alabama. We are home of the ONLY VA1-VA2 BSZS long coat GSDs in the United States!! We have strong and healthy AKC German Shepherd puppies for sale. Our German Shepherd puppies for sale are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). The main objective at our kennel is to produce healthy/high-quality German Shepherd dogs for show and families.

We have trained dogs in Obedience, Show, Protection, Therapy and Sport. Our German Shepherds are imprinted from birth, raised indoors and surrounded by love from children, adults and other animals. We take pride in our Shepherds; they are an integral part of our family. Haus Godwin German Shepherds puppies are loved: they are family. Each and every litter is hand-picked and is special. Price varies per litter.

A happy, healthy puppy is the result of healthy and happy parents. We take pride in providing extraordinary care to our furry family members. We provide Indoor and Outdoor runs with heat and air-conditioning; on-call groomers, full time care-takers, trainers and vets. We strive to ensure the highest level of hospitality and comfort for our dogs.

German Shepherds

Haus Godwin Rottweilers

Like dog lover and with many years experience with GSD, Rottweilers came to my life naturally. The Rottweiler is a robust working breed with high power. A gentle playmate and protector in the family circle, Rottie give to us similar feedback like German shepherds. Our dogs are socialized, surrounded by children, people and other dogs. As our daily routine, our dogs are well trained and ready for family or working dog service.

Experience has shown how important it is to nurture a healthy puppies in order to get top quality dogs. Therefore, once you have reached such a quality, providing top care becomes an obligation.

Some of our Amazing Dogs


Born Champions

We Believe in setting trends not following. Our Dominate Black German Shepherds lines have for Generations been in our breeding program. we Believe a successful program starts with finding the perfect Pedigree/dog. We enjoy that we have been blessed to find open black lines as well. The World is a Jungle, You either Fight and Dominate or Hide and Evaporate.

german shepherd rewarded
German shepherd first place

Make the Best,

We take pride in the quality we produce, Results can speak for them self. With sound temperament, Level heads, and health our puppies ideally can do anything. Puppies and Adults German Shepherds are sold World wide.

Long Coat & Stock Coat

At Haus Godwin we have both quailty Long coat and Stock Coat. Unlike stock coats long coats shed less.


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Headland, AL 36345, USA